Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't eat the black stuff

Jon's spent the entirety of his first Father's Day last year appropriately--he was becoming a father. But constantly walking around the neighborhood in the rain, no sleep, and having to fend for your own food wasn't exactly the fun day I planned.  I would whimper between contractions about the nice dinner I had planned to make. I know he really didn't care--as he drove 45 minutes to find an open pharmacy to get me a single Ambien after midnight as we hit over 20 hours of labor--and that's why he deserved a special father's day. It's hard to describe how much I appreciate everything he's done this year for me and Theo.

Jon and David are a lot alike, and they both have been talking a lot about lobsters. David more about cooking one, Jon more about just eating one. So when Vanessa approached me with the idea about a lobster adventure, I knew it was the perfect super-special fancy thing for Jon. So we met on Saturday night at Uwajimaya to pick out our dinner from the lobster tank. Lobsters are basically large insects of the sea. We picked out a big guy, put him on ice and brought him home. Then we cooked them. Jon panicked a bit at the last second as the lobster stretched wider than our pot diameter, and used the lid (and a squeal) for assistance. Twenty minutes later we had a red lobster and a steamy lobster-y smelling apartment. (Still smells like the ocean by my stove). You can eat several parts of the lobster  other than just the tail and claws, but only Jon was brave enough to try the roe. Imagine his surprise (and yet, not, based on the taste) when he realized that he had actually sampled the lobster's poop.


Ty and Meg said...

I am so horrified at the thought of cooking and then eating a lobster that I almost cried when I read this. I have a mixture of being incredibly impressed and also wanting to throw up. But I think I am more impressed than than ill?

joeryanfishjr said...

why did i think that lobsters were suppose to be red all of the time.
i want to try a lobster adventure. was it alive? and you only had to cook it for 20 mins? that's nothing!

linds said...

Looks like fun! Jake and I had been wanting to try lobster for awhile, too. Only I took him to Red Lobster for Valentine's day because no where else in town had it. Don't worry the experience was exactly what you'd think it would be. Needless to say we need to go to Maine.

jes said...

I was also in labor on Ammon's first father's day. I think it makes them appreciate all the ones afterwards. :) I am very impressed about your lobster day I'll be brave enough to cook em. :)

Happy Birthday, Theo!

David said...

It looks like you guys are recreating that one scene from Annie Hall. Well done.