Wednesday, June 8, 2011

and we're back

 Theo doesn't realize just how much he needs that sun hat. 

 The long way to Multnomah Falls, so pretty.
 He didn't eat a lot of it, but he made a mess, which is just as important.

I realize I have taken a mini blog break, caused by grandparents visiting and then Theo and me catching some springtime virus. I dread us being sick at the same time, as I am at my absolute neediest (and whiniest, if you ask Jon). Unfortunately babies couldn't care less if their mamas are sick. Theo had a raging high fever for a few days, even having a mild febrile seizure one night. Luckily he has a paranoid mother that had already read up and asked his ped about this very topic months ago, because it looks much scarier than it actually is. (If you are a mom or are going to be, I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with this topic, it saved me from having a severe panic attack. Instead, I just got a small one.)

Anyway, we missed much of the warm sunny weather this weekend, although we did get out Saturday and flew a kite. Last weekend Theo got lots of grandparent love and presents, and we did a dry run to see how Theo would react to his first birthday cupcake. Prognosis is good on that front. I can't he is two weeks away from being one year old. !


amanda jane said...

I don't even have a baby, but I read the whole article on febrile seizures...I'd never even heard of them.

jes said...

Someone in my ward's 6-month-old had one from a fever a few months ago and now gets them frequently. The last one lasted a whole hour so they flew him to a children's hospital. After he woke up, he was perfectly fine. Pretty sure I would have lost it. Who knew that something that seems so serious doesn't cause any problems but a heart attack for mom?

I'm impressed you were so on top of things! If only you were Emma's mom too... :)

v a n e s s a said...

i love that 4th picture down. and i can't wait for his birthday! just for the cute straws alone...

Katie Apker said...

Hooray for when overpreparedness becomes just-the-right-level of preparedness! (and for kites.)