Tuesday, June 14, 2011


 Did I mention he also grew a mustache? These were the best shots I got in the milliseconds it was on his face.

Theodore, previously content merely with walking to his parents at their pleading, started walking around of his own volition on Sunday. Cute wobbly steps.

What is happening here? I'm confused. I still don't feel mature enough to be the parent of a toddler. The day will soon come when Theo will cast his eyes down in shame at his mom doing something embarrassing. Like tomorrow.

My mind is exploding a little bit. There are a million emotions I am feeling, probably best expressed by a page full of exclamation and question marks. I can't stop time from making this little baby a little baby man. But please let him stay a cuddly mama's boy. That's all I ask.


joeryanfishjr said...

first steps! stache! what's next credit card debt?

linds said...

WHAT! Lil theo is gettin sooo big! Noah is just content rolling to wherever he wants to go. Doesn't even try to pull himself up to things. He's so super cute and the lil stache is awesome!

v a n e s s a said...

that mustache looks quite natural on him.

can't wait to see his walk!

p.s. i am also feeling like all my emotions about this baby could be expressed only with a lot of ! and ?

kenzie said...

!!! love him. I can't believe you have a toddler either. sounds crazy. I have a good feeling that you'll be a pro embarrass-er. Which I love.