Tuesday, November 9, 2010

twin hangover

Top photo taken by Kenz, last photo taken of aftermath, large yarn pile included.

I don't know much about substance related hangovers, but I know about emotional ones. Kenzie's week here was crazily filled with preparing for her show and trying to fit in the stuff we wanted to do--of course we have a list we never got to but are saving for next time. Little Winter was so much fun, and it was a great opportunity to meet so many new people.  I even dorked out once, saying "Hi, [name] right? I read your blog." Kenz was right, all these crafty people are the nicest people ever. So yesterday (and honestly, today too) I have been wearing my robe late, cleaning my room by wearing the clothes on the floor, and doing a lot of baby snuggling. I haven't done anything with the huge pile of garland leftover from the show on my counter, but the smell is taking the edge off the musty old apartment perfume our home can have.

I picked up a few things from the show, like a tiny house ornament from My House Party (tiny is involved--therefore I am involved) and a winter/Christmas print I loved from Shanna Murray*. Having her booth next to Kenz was a highlight--she is so much fun and Theo loved her too.  Of course I am wearing a new scarf around, paid for by hours of hand sewing, staying up late wrapping a branch in yarn (thanks Katie!) and making a bazillion muslin bags. All of which I loved doing. Sigh.

Luckily I have a couple more guests to prepare for this weekend--I am scouring the internet for the best gluten free options Portland has to offer, and I am pleased with the results so far.

*also responsible for making amazing wall decals that don't make me want  to gauge my eyes out, and my favorite quote stated regarding the awesomeness of the show in general--"people are shizzing themselves on Twitter right now." So true, so true.


v a n e s s a said...

yay! that's us! too bad we couldn't have made it up for little winter but i think your hangover might have been even worse. can't wait to come visit!