Thursday, November 18, 2010

last place still gets a t-shirt

 Two surprises: The rain and Katie's suddenly brown hair

 The race in its entirety--walkers in background, organizers and Rocky theme song singers in the middle, another runner foreground, frozen turkey on the ground.

My friend Katie sent out an email today that basically said "Do you want to run a Turkey Trot today? Show up at 11:30." I take any chance to run without a stroller, and thought it would be good practice for my half marathon Saturday. I haven't been my typical type-A training self--I registered Monday and my training has been made up as I go along.

It was cool yet sunny, and a whole 6 women showed up, 4 runners and 2 walkers. There was a raffle for a turkey at the start. A one in six chance to win a turkey? Never will any race I enter have those odds. Still lost. And of course it started raining as soon as the race started. The two taller girls got away from us at the start but a confused volunteer sent them the wrong way, and so Katie had an asterisk first place finish with me close behind. She won a Lewis and Clark intermural t-shirt, which I was a little jealous of since I never scored one at BYU. But I should do all my runs with her because I ran my fastest pace since pre-Theo times.

After this race on Saturday I am gearing up for the Naylor Turkey Trot. Main goal is to beat my mom.


jennifer hall said...

Malorie so proud of you-running is such an individual sport and so independent.--do whenever, where ever and however...good luck on sat. and for turkey trot--hope you beat your mom--just not nother in law! lov ya

Tyler and Megan said...

HA! Never I have wished so strongly that I didn't have a day job. Wow. That sounds amazing. Sad I had to miss that one!

Lorrie said...

Wow! I'll want to hear more about this one--4 runners, 2 walkers! I've never heard of such a small race.

Good luck tomorrow--I can't wait to hear your time. I like Katie's brown hair.

As far as beating me, bring it on!

Leslie said...

way to go runner girl. good luck with the half marathon! i still haven't run an inch!

Broadbent Family said...

I love running in the rain, especially with great odds like that. Can't wait to hear about the half marathon.