Monday, November 22, 2010

Mugs instead of medals! Good idea, Eugene.

 My friend Marissa and I made a goal to run a half marathon crazily while we were still pregnant. I had no idea that recovery for me would be so slow and that anemia can make you feel like a blob of unmoving jelly. So when our race was canceled I was ok with it, because I was only prepared to be extremely slow. Then a few other friends found another half marathon--so we were stuck with one, but with an extra month to train. Behold, a window opened to not be extremely slow, but just kind of slow!

So Jon and I rolled into Eugene, found a good pizza place in a city we have never been to before (always a plus--thanks Yelp!), and Jon motivated me by telling me he didn't think I could beat his mom's time (2:12). So of course I was determined. He also said if I did beat that time, I could buy any boots I wanted. (Jon had NO faith I would finish faster than that time. Absolutely none. And if you knew my training times, neither would you.) We were all prepared to run in a downpour, so of course it was sunny, and the course was beautiful. With the help of my faster friends I ran and hurt and ran and never walked and sprinted to the end... 2:11:59! A much better time than I had anticipated from myself. I had done it! Cheers! Hooray! All was well!

Then Jon checked later and told me he was mistaken, and his mom's time was actually 2:11.

So I am still buying a pair of boots. And Jennifer, I will win. Someday.

For those who think I am lame for trying to beat my mother in law, I must inform you she has about 35 extra years of running experience on me and I have at least 25 extra pounds more than this tiny woman. And she always beats me! Extreme competition with your mother-in-law is ALWAYS healthy and normal. Right?

And after on the Smith Homestead I shot a gun for the first time and hit a water bottle. What a great day.


Marissa said...

I have to say the best moment was looking at the posted times and hearing your score! And i love the gun shot pic! what boots are you getting???

Tyler and Megan said...

haha I have to agree with Marissa on the best moment. That was awesome. I am proud of us. But no more running for awhile okay? :)

Lorrie said...

That photo of you and Theo is the cutest! Is that a REAL gun? And even though I will try my hardest, I'm pretty sure you may beat me!

jennifer hall said...

Malorie--YOU ROCK! You are a daughter after my own heart (Or run). What a compliment to me--So proud of you and if Jonathan doesn't buy you those boots I will. Sure love you and want a copy of that picture of you and Theo--reminds me of Jonathan at that age--thinking to himself--Mom--you are sweaty and I want to eat! Adorable. Hugs, kisses & high fives!