Saturday, May 15, 2010

He's the smart one

I just watched my brother graduate law school seconds ago due to the wonders of the internet. I wanted to be the first to blog about it to get extra brownie points since I could not be there. He is the first "doctor" of the 3, the two other pending.  I'm sure it will be a good joke later between the D.D.S. (or is it D.M.D? Whatever Jon will get) and the PhD if a J.D. is really a doctor? My Dad would be on his side, I'm sure.

He'll have to let me know what non-student life is like, because I have no comprehension of that world. (working? for real money? wha...?) Congrats Jake, I'm proud of you!

I even got a screen shot picture. How about you, Kenz?


kenzie said...

alright you win this one. I forgot that lawyers get a doctorate, but they don't get called that, so that's too bad. Yay Brother!