Monday, May 10, 2010

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Ah, Mother's day. I kept my requests modest, as I am technically a mother, but my sacrifices remain limited to lots of heartburn, a significant weight gain, and fishy morning burps (thanks, omega-3 pills!). I really wanted three things: Cinnamon swirl french toast, root beer floats, and no dishes. And I would be happy if Jon handed me a single dandelion, but he got me some pretty flowers too.

But let's talk about the real suspense of Mother's Day for Mormons (and I'm sure other religions as well)--what are they going to hand out at the end of the meeting? Since becoming an "adult" woman I tend to scrutinize the choice carefully. The two (!) Mother's days at BYU when I was handed a pamphlet with church talks were not good years. In fact, I left rather offended and usually threw it away with an eye roll and a sarcastic grumble about how the men in the church have no idea how to handle this sensitive day (candy! chocolate!  Even one of those flower pots are fine). Let's ignore the fact that I could have used the advice given in those talks I never read. But giving mothers a talk about being better mothers is not good idea.

Yesterday I have to admit I was almost giving into emotional pregnancy hormones at times, but my eyes really started to mist as the army of adolescents marched down the aisles at the appointed time. Lo and behold those 13-year-olds were carrying mini loaves of Great Harvest cinnamon burst bread, which is quite possibly the greatest use of refined white flour ever devised. I cradled that thing like I would a newborn child, except more carefully. Not even tied with a pretty ribbon or card, this gift said, "Thanks for all you do. You are amazing." To which I felt like replying, "I am hardly deserving, but humbly accept." I think I actually whispered that into my purse during Sunday School when I checked to see if it was doing ok.

[UPDATE: It seems like I changed something about my comments that made them not work. They should work now if you would like to share what you got for Mother's Day! Sorry.]


Lorrie said...

It's the littlest things that make you SO HAPPY! And don't think for a minute you don't deserve it!

And I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My gifts were grand, but it was those little notes that accompanied the gifts that brought tears to my eyes!