Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friday Food Carts and Matinee Movie Mornings

I borrowed this picture from my fave cart go-to site because I refuse to be that person walking around food cart pods with a large Nikon. I always see those people and am slightly embarrassed for them. Same thing goes at shows. It doesn't mean I will never take a picture at a food cart (now that I have a big bag I can be more conspicuous)--but, you know what I mean. 

Every Friday I pick Jon up from school for a little lunch outing. It started with me bringing subways into his cafeteria, but now it has become Food Cart Friday, a time to explore that magical world of food carts we love so dearly. I reserve a little time in my hours of web surfing per day to research new potential pods and carts. The best part is if we change our minds we can always find something, somewhere we want to eat. Last Friday Jon wanted an old standby, Whole Bowl, and I was feeling sick and couldn't even think of eating actual solid food--all I wanted was a smoothie. A short drive later and we were at a cart called the Portland Smoothie Company, where my need for something cold and non-acid inducing was met with a raspberry, marionberry, blueberry, and banana smoothie with soy milk (so good!). And this pod was a short walk to Voodoos to split a maple old fashioned. I love Fridays. And maple old fashioned doughnuts.

Next new tradition is titled Matinee Movie Mornings (Matinee Morning Movie? Morning Movie Matinee?). Jon decided we were going to go see actual movies while we can before baby comes (something we rarely do anyways--$!), and so we go to an early bird showing, which is an extra low price for the very first showing of the day (in this case, Iron Man at 10 am, $6). I think I'm going to bring a breakfast sandwich to the next one. Because I don't think anything sounds as awesome as eating breakfast in a movie theater. 

We have about four more showings, (more if I'm late, of course) and so what should we see next? Jon wants to see Robin Hood because he loves Robin Hoods. I only enjoy Robin Hoods with American accents and Morgan Freeman, so I'm not so sure. [I was shocked years ago to find that "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" was Jon's favorite movie. I thought it was a joke. He honestly, genuinely, non-ironically loves it. I like it too now, but mostly because I think it is hilarious.]  


kenzie said...

I am soo jealous. That sounds like the best thing ever. I wish we had food carts. Morning movies are awesome, especially with a breakfast sandwich. Oh sister.

The Broadbents said...

They have the best places to eat in Oregon. And as for Robin Hood, that would explain why I have seen it so many times. Favorite line, "I'm going to carve your heart out with a spoon," or something along those lines.

Grace said...

You tell Jon that Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is my favorite movie too. I never appreciate Jake's snide comments on that one.