Friday, April 23, 2010

man oh man rainbow chip!

I had such a wonderful birthday week. I really like stretching my birthday into multiple days. (I went out to lunch four times this week! Birthdays are a perfect excuse.) Today I guess doesn't count cause it is Meet Jon for Lunch Fridays, where we tried a new food cart which has given me a food baby along with an actual baby. I think I was given about two pounds of basil pesto, most of which I ate. Then Voodoo doughnuts was such a short walk away... And now I am feeling some ill effects (worth it!).

I have also had some great friends give me baby showers, so I have been opening up presents all month. This week was an online baby shower, a technological miracle where someone in the group video chat usually ended up scrambled, but was still awesome.

My birthday has also given me a new bag that will fit all baby things, the actual baby and probably Jon if he gets tired (copied Kenz with this one). But even better than presents are birthday wishes from friends, so thanks for those. I will also add a lesson for birthday week--our computer hard drive crashed (again), but my life was not ruined because of a wise decision to use Christmas money for an external hard drive. One click of a button (thank you Time Machine! yea for macs) and my computer was restored exactly as I had left it. So friends, know that hard drives can fail at any time, and if you have the feeling you need to back up your shiz, do so. You can thank me later.

And with this long, photo-less, pointless post, I hereby end birthday week. I am off to sew an elastic waist skirt that is embarrassingly large, and therefore will fit me perfectly.


The Broadbents said...

Happy birthday, I hope you got our present in time. Let me know if you like it when you're done. I thought about sending the baby gift we got too, but that one will have to wait till we come for the baby blessing.