Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bird in Hand, Pennslyvania visit is off the bucket list

Last week we traveled across the country to visit Kenz and Tyler, which is a lot of traveling to hang out and watch movies and eat lots of desserts. But luckily that's exactly what we wanted for spring break, and we got to spend a few days in D.C. too. Jon had one desire while there, which was to see Lincoln's hat (he had no idea where, just believed it would happen), and good thing it was one of the first things we saw. All I wanted to do was eat an Easter dinner with someone at the table wearing a gun, holster, and two extra clips of ammo, and I'm glad Tyler's second cousin's son was able to make that happen. (When you work in IT, you gotta be prepared, am I right?)

Cherry blossoms were out! And kites. Although I thought that there would be millions of trees everywhere blooming, and it was really just a couple patches.

Kenz threw me a pom pom themed shower that was awesome. Look at those amazing vintage baby shoes! She also got me a vintage maternity shirt, cause she knows what I like. And a hand knit hat with a pom pom on top. She is the best. [Right before this happened, some kids were playing on the basketball court and a boy fell on his face and chipped his tooth. Anyone who knows me well (owner of two falsies) would not be surprised at the extreme distress I felt. It took me a while to get over, while saying things like, "His life is never going to be the same!" "His mother is going to be so panicked," and "Why was that other girl laughing? She is a horrible, horrible person." I think when I grow up I'm going to start a charity called The Emergency Fund for Children Who Fall Teeth-First and Feel Guilty About Causing Expensive Dental Bills on Unsuspecting Parents, and a support group named "I Have No Front Teeth--How to Meet and Marry a Future Dentist."] That was a long aside.

It was such a wonderful trip, it reminded me of the old times when we all used to live in the same place and spend all our time together. Next time she sees me I will be sans bump and plus baby. Weird.


kenzie said...

you kill me! another stifled giggle in a silent library. When that kid fell I looked at your face and it was horrified, just like the way you look when I bite into an apple with my front teeth.

Leslie said...

what a perfect trip. those shoes are incredible. i've never thought of thrifting for my future baby! PS- I want to call you soon to talk besides through the internet!

Ana Lee said...

You got a beautiful smile out of it :)

Courtney and Nate said...

Wow, I am actually WEARING a Bird-in-Hand t-shirt right now. What a coincidence!

Brett & Sydnie said...

We were in DC around the same time as you guys. Weird.