Thursday, March 4, 2010

to do

*exchange stuff at forever 21 (not a success) and anthro (success! new owner of blue tights!)
       [also, can I say that my parallel parking job (third try) downtown was a thing of beauty.]
*clean bathroom
*make soft pretzels (which are related to my latest obsession, the bagel)
*fill out enrichment reimbursement sheet (craft night done!)
*order twin zygosity test 

 So that last one's a little unusual.


For those that care, this is me with a baby bump. For those that don't, this is a picture of me playing air guitar. Air saxophone didn't turn out so well. And, did you know that flutes and saxophones are keyed the same? (ahem Mackenzie) Crazy awesome.


Tiffany said...

love the multi functional picture.

Tara said...

I love your baby-bump/air guitar picture! Were you not able to find the raincoat in a medium?

linds said...

yum soft pretzels and bagels! can't get enough of those. hooray for delicious carbs! cute baby bump!

david + vanessa said...

a few things,

f21 is maybe the worst of shopable places for returns. david and i have started shopping at only thrift stores and places that will return or exchange anything forever. so basically we feel like it's on long term loan (ala costco, rei).

i really really like your sweater.

is the test for you and your sis or your baby(ies)? cause i gotta tell you, you and your sister look identical to me. but i know nothing about twins nor zygotes.

Lorrie said...

cute picture! And how was enrichment--did anyone come to your table?

kenzie said...

the test is ordered!!! oh crazy my stomach just did a little flip. You look cute preggers lady.

The Broadbents said...

Love the baby bump. You are definitely one of those cute pregnant girls. It also doesn't hurt that you are rockin the air guitar.

jennifer hall said...

ADORABLE ROCKIN MAMA! Love your style, your bump and that you are married to the best son, daddy to be and dentist to be. Thanks for sharing.
Lov ya,
Jen & Bill

Nicole and Dave said...

malorie, this is me sneaking a peek at your blog...that said, there is nothing more amusing than seeing a pregnant lady playing air guitar, thank you :)

meredith said...

IF ONLY we got that soft pretzel machine at that one yard sale.

And that hamburger helper