Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Old man smile, or sneer? I can't tell. Too many wrinkles.

Yesterday I was pulling into our parking space when I realized I was a little close to the dumpster. Then I hit it with my front bumper, leaving a bright green scrape mark. The condo association president, Ray, was a few feet away spraying for weeds. After I got out of the car he told me, "I knew you'd make it." The funny thing was, I clearly did not make it, but hit the dumpster about two yards from his face. This could be related to the fact that he is probably 92 years old, or he was being sarcastic, his hostility originating from when I made him come out to check the washing machine because I could not get a load to start for two days. Then I realized I was using a Canadian quarter the whole time, (after he asked after the second phone call, "Do ya think you have a Canadian quarter in there?") and I confessed this, making it known his trip to the complex and testing of the machine completely pointless. Touche, Ray.