Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring! Break!

The last time I had a full on Spring Break was high school (thanks, BYU). And now I am not even a student, but I enjoyed it anyway (thanks flexible at-home job!) We started the week with a few estate/rummage sales, coming away with a sweatshirt, skirt, owl figurine, and 2 yards of fabric for a grand total of 85 cents. Next was Boise, with a lot of food, a wall of frozen yogurt, and this:

That is a helmet I'm wearing. After a two year hiatus and all this Natasha Richardson stuff, you know my paranoid self was going to wear one (thereby leaving my mom without skull protection--a truly selfish deed). I should have let her wear it since my only fall was considered a "slump" at best, but she had a perfect day on the slopes. It was such a great day for skiing we didn't care about the forgotten passes left at home, the burned pork in the crock pot, and the fact that my dad accidentally missed a hearing.

After a short 55 minute flight home, we drove out to the coast with some friends to watch general conference in a house with an incredible view.

There were at times 9 different couples and four kids in the house, but I don't think it could have worked out better. Although I did forget my kite. We had a great run on the beach and the weather was beautiful--all us Oregonians were shocked at the appearance of this thing called The Sun.

I found out that sea foam is actually a sea-foamish color.

This is not a picture of my child (sorry Marissa, your child is all over the net) but he looks so cute shoving handfuls of sand in his face.


Tyler and Megan said...

haha great post. i also felt a little bad about posting spencer all over my blog...but apparently not bad enough not to post it... : )

The Smiths said...

no worries about the spence pics! I love them- AND- my blog isn't private if that's saying anything :) Thanks again, for passing along the spence pic's. So that funky camera you guys were using is digital???