Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Birthday weekend is an excuse for Jon and I to do all the fun things we like to do in one day. Or two. Things like the Waffle Window, vintage shopping, Spencer's first birthday party (hot dogs...yes!!), high quality pizza, a treat basket (inc. soy jerky, which I suspect Jon got merely because he was curious), bike rides, a picnic in the park, and having friends stop by and eat cake (with no candles and no singing--therefore there was no moment when a bunch of people stopped what they were doing to stare at me while I try to extinguish a fire--a gift in itself). Most importantly, we got to play Kenz a brand new rendition of the birthday song on the toy piano and glockenspiel.

I had such a good weekend with Jon and with friends, but I wish Kenz could have been here too! It is our first birthday apart except for (nerd alert!) an ill-timed orchestra trip to Vegas in high school. Luckily we both have husbands that know we needed a full 48 hours of awesome to compensate.


Leslie said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like a stellar day, despite your missing twin. I want to try that waffle place. By the way- your quilt is beautiful!