Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm trying to work this morning, but it's not going well. I keep thinking about how me and Jon missed our friend's birthday recently because we had no idea it happened. They even invited us over that night, but I had made this do-or-die pledge to finish my taxes, and so we stayed in. (There was no mention of the birthday) And now I feel awful that I chose taxes over friends. So this morning I have the following conversation with myself playing in my head:

Me: I can't believe I didn't know! I feel so bad!
Myself: Don't beat yourself up, you can't feel bad about not doing something for a birthday when you honestly did not know about it.
Me: But when I keep my birthday to myself I secretly want people to know even though I don't want to tell.
Myself: That is stupid.
Me: I know. But I still feel like a bad friend.
Myself: Make a belated birthday something and get over it. And the fact that you feel unreasonably bad about something that the actual person probably didn't lose sleep about means you are trying to be a good friend.
Me: I need an apple pie a la mode Jelly Belly.
Myself: Here's two.

What can I say--I'm a dweller, an overthinker, easily guilt-full. And my birthday is on April 19th.

Whew. Now I can't feel guilty because I made someone feel guilty that they forgot my birthday.


Tyler and Megan said...

I will pretend to forget your birthday if it makes you feel better...

The Broadbents said...

Phew! I'm glad you forgot someone elses b-day or else I would have been in the same situation, except that I would be a bad sister-in-law, which I'm pretty sure would be worst than being a bad friend. Here's to not forgetting your b-day.

jennifer hall said...

Wow! I thought Jennifer was the only one that felt guilt on a 24-7 basis but I have a feeling that the nurturing sex comes with those emotions built-in. When it comes to the opposite sex we are lucky to remeber our own birthdays and as time passes we would just as soon forget. In my book you are the supreme daughter-in-law in my life. Happy Earily Birthday and thanks for taking such good care of Jonathan. You both make us very proud. Mom and Dad Hall