Friday, July 12, 2013

Belated and Double Birthdays

First of all, we are back in Oregon. It's awesome, and it feels like we never left. Except we did and it seemed like we were gone forever. Pretend that makes sense. I always need a significant pause in blogging after or during a cross country move, because well--it's a cross country move. While it made for some stressful moments and two table leaves that have not yet resurfaced, we spent about three weeks visiting our families and friends along the way, which was highly enjoyable. I hate catching up on blog posts, all my creative thoughts get turned into mush and I turn into a version of my grade school journals--"We went here, it was fun." So things will be out of order and posted however I feel like it. Here's a birthday post.

Margot and Theo are showing some true glimmers of playing together. Theo loves to make her giggle and they chase each other around the house and through tunnels, or yell at each other in the car,  Theo mimicking Margot's monkey sounds. It makes me really excited for the future, which will hopefully include more sharing and less of me acting as a referee who decides who had what toy first.

Theodore is truly a boy in every way now. He has really lost most of the shyness that our isolation brought upon him, telling random strangers rambling stories that they pretend to be interested in. He loves to sing and dance (right now he loves to pretend to play the guitar to Cat Stevens), do flips and other things that have me looking into gymnastic classes. He says hilarious things. A while ago Jon and I were dancing in the kitchen like a couple on Lawrence Welk as he sat at the counter and he suddenly blurted, "Mama, Daddy, stop--I'm trying to eat!" He calls a box of Cap'n Crunch "Cap'n Scrunch." (He reads the box while he eats oatmeal.) He calls a hockey stick a "hockey pocket," which also leads me to think he doesn't know the difference between the stick or the puck. He loves to repeat anything older kids say, and after a month of being around girl cousins pink is his favorite color. He loves his dad more than anyone on earth. He's not always very gentle with Margot but he truly loves her and loves when she gives him attention. 

A small update on 13 month Margot--she loves to repeat words, make more signs, walk with assistance, and climb to the top of our tall two-step stool in the bathroom by herself in the dark. She loves to scare me.