Sunday, June 2, 2013

The one year toddler thing is a lie.

In a matter of days Margot will be one year old, and I don't really believe it. She still feels like a little baby to me, although she is rapidly learning new skills that would prove otherwise. She is going through a snugly phase where she rests her head on my shoulder constantly, which comforts me when I feel like she is growing too fast. And it melts me into a mommy puddle. She still is hesitantly cruising and not close to walking, making gray dirty patches on her knees and hands. She is very good at vocalizing and pointing at anything she wants. She's still clingy, but we're working on that. Margot's favorite word to say is "hi" while waving. She claps and loves to laugh when other people are laughing. She sleeps about 12 hours straight without waking up, still takes two naps for about 3-4 hours total (her napping is amazing, I never experienced that with Theo!). Her front tooth just broke through with the other one imminent, so total is 3 teeth now. Her hair is much lighter now, so she may be a blonde after all. She is my joy.

We are in the middle of moving, and will be in the process of moving for several weeks. Theo's and Margot's birthday parties will be on the road in multiple places. Theo is going to love it--birthdays everywhere! He wants a pink cake.


Lorrie said...

Such beautiful children! And Theo, and pink (chocolate) cake it is!

vanessa said...

total lie, i feel like they just begin being toddlers at 18 months. at least that's what happened with nellie. and at times she still seems like a baby to me.

i love this picture of margot's dazzling blue eyes and i can't wait to snuggle her! or i suppose, smile at her from a safe distance at first...

how fun to have their birthdays with both sets of grandparents! they will love it! can't wait to see you guys!