Monday, February 25, 2013

mini mugs

On the way to Marfa last week, we stopped in Hatch to get the kids some passports. Turns out T or C is appointment only and everyone in the town is getting a passport this next month. Here are their little pictures.  I love them--especially Theo's, he took it without me close and was being so shy.

After looking at these two pictures side by side, I realized my joke of Margot's turning into a sweet potato is not so much of a joke anymore. Girlfriend's got a full blown case of carotenemia. Otherwise known as, sweet potato/butternut squash poisoning, which is harmless but especially devastating for the particularly fair complexioned. I thought it only happened to moms who fed their kids gallons of carrot juice, but I have created an oompa loompa. A cute oompa loompa, but one nevertheless. I am starting to cut down on her vitamin A consumption, and we'll see how recovery goes. But, I think she's going to have great eye health. Or make really good candy, either one.


naomi said...

Great post and lovely pictures. Theo looks so serious. Also, the carotenemia is making Margot look like baby has mad cheekbones.

vanessa said...

i was thinking she looked orange on your instagram but thought it was just the lighting. she must be eating lots of tablefood now! you should send theo's pic to a modeling agency.

Lesley said...

These are so great. Where are you headed off to? Somewhere fun, I hope!