Thursday, February 7, 2013

Margot, 8 is great

Eight months already! Once you pass six, time flies by. Margot is a little joy, weighing a bit less than 15 pounds, and is around 25 inches in length (I think). She's still struggling to fit into 6-12 month clothes and has a little round head that won't fit the latest hat I knit her. Now I'm making another one in the 3 month size, should do. She loves scooting, goes up on her knees a bit but doesn't see the point when she can zoom from room to room on her belly. It helps that our house is all tile--basically an infant slip and slide. She goes amazingly fast and looks like she is swimming. If the past few nights of screaming are proof, she is working on her first tooth. Her pincer grip is stellar--I hadn't given her finger food until yesterday, but she has been slithering around on the floor, picking up tiny tiny crumbs and putting them in her mouth for a while now. Speaking of food, she doesn't like bananas anymore. She loves sweet potatoes more than I can explain. I don't blame her, when there are any left I finish the bowl, they are so delicious. No pears, no mango, avocado made her projectile vomit. She really only eats sweet potato, sweet potato mixed with other things, carrot, and an apple/prune/cinnamon mix I made. Oh and water. She freaks out when I give her water. Tune in next month when she has a nice orange-y sheen to her skin. Good thing it's a superfood!

She utters a pig squeal in anger if you take something away from her, which is a constant in her life when Theo's around. She loves to explore in the playroom, checking out all the random things in there, and I can leave her for a few minutes just constantly checking that she isn't around any choking hazards. I bought some clips for her hair, but while long on top it's still too thin to hold anything. I think she may be growing out of her 0-3 month shoes finally. She is a bitty thing that I love so much! And luckily she still thinks I'm the bee's knees.


Kirt said...

She is too cute for words! And growing up too quickly.

Alison said...

THOSE EYES! I DIE. She is stunning and i love her name so much!