Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The day I thought would never come, then did--then I was over it.

Potty training. Two words that bring with it anticipation and excitement. After you actually start doing it, other words associated become dread, frustration, and regret. Regret that somehow you were so done with changing old toddler poopy diapers that you have now subjected yourself to changing them in much more random, dirtier places. It's a lot like being pregnant. You've been hanging with this baby for 40 weeks and forever--just get them out! Then labor starts and you change your mind. You were joking; this baby can hang out as long as they want. We did the three day method with Theo, and maybe because of his slightly advanced age it took him about five days to get the idea. I followed him around like a shadow. It forced me to spend the majority of my time playing with him, which made me really appreciate all he knows and the new ways he plays now. I just like not having to stay in a two-foot radius at all times. I went to church (I made Jon stay home with Theo, he was not ready for a public outing yet) and it was the first time I had stepped foot outside the house in 5 days. Which actually isn't that unusual for me, but this time it felt like a month. We seem to be over the worst of it, unless you count poop the worst of it--then we still have some work to do.

I'm pretty proud of him. He's also so cute in his little undies.


naomi said...

If I could be a weirdo and ask for your personal involvement in my upcoming attempt to do this, I'd love to chat via email or something - naomi (dot) win (at), if you have time!

vanessa said...

good job theo! and even better job mal! what a big boy he is, he is looking so much older now! he's going to look like a teenager by the time you come visit! love those chubby legs, he looks so cute in undies.

Tara said...

Way to go Theo and mama! Such a tough thing. Poop training is a whole different thing and the worst... good luck!