Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013

I was all set to try and send out Christmas cards. Then New Years cards. But I didn't, and today is the first full day of potty training for Theo--so, I figure a blog post is more than sufficient in my life. Plus, anyone I would send a card to probably reads this blog anyway. Happy Holidays late! And thanks for stopping by. Next year, I'll send you each a personal note.

The Halls

Photos by Lindsey Bennett Photography


Danielle said...

Cute pictures!

vanessa said...

i have had a fruitless christmas card goal the last two years. maybe next year it will happen but probably not. these photos are so cute! love everyone's glowing skin and you and jon in matching bottom halves.

vanessa said...

and i'm just noticing, did you dip dye your hair?!