Saturday, May 26, 2012

Almost there

 Theo's first trip to the ER at the beginning of the month. Luckily a simple case of nurse maid's elbow but was scary anyway. This could probably be in its own post but when you're in your last days of pregnancy these things happen.

Theo's first solo ice cream cone at Ruby Jewel. Big on the list of things I will miss about Portland!

 39 weeks. Sitting very still this weekend while Jon is doing boards but I'll probably go late anyway.

 Made some newborn leggings. Yep, the openings at the bottom are two inches! I love tiny things.

39 weeks pregnant, Jon taking his dental boards this weekend, graduating, Theo turning two. All big things that are happening soon. Oh and moving, I guess that's a big one. In less than two months we are packing all our stuff to head to Jon's first job in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Yes, you read that correctly--there is a town in the U.S. that exists with that name, we are moving to it, and it may be the opposite of Portland, Oregon in most ways including its Wal-Mart. I have not seen this place yet, but I will eventually when I move there. It's crazy, a little scary, and feels right all at the same time. And the chilis, friends, are probably going to be worth the move alone. Right? Right? I need to buy some sunglasses.

My heart is going to hurt for a while leaving Portland and its temperate weather, friends, food, and domestic comforts. But I'm packing up my mood stabilizing placenta pills (yep, just typed that out loud), Amazon Prime, internet recipe searching skills, and am going to embrace my inner southwesterner. That person I didn't know existed. And I think I'm going to take up paddle boarding.


Tara said...

Great post! Those leggins are to die for! So, so cute and tiny!! TorC won't know what hit them when you guys arrive.

vanessa said...

i'm still in denial about your move. i know i will be so sad when it really does happen! but, it's only for a year! you have a great attitude about it and that will make all the difference. also walmart really is really cheap.

and also i can't believe that grey and pink shirt is still covering margot. it literally fit me for a week after i bought it, somewhere around 7 months i believe...

Marissa said...

i loved this post in so many ways! you truly are a great writer. and witty! i expect many a witty post from TorC. are you doing round 2 of the pills or do the original ones never expire? AND, i totally want to learn how to paddle board! it looks so fun and doable.

Leslie said...

I was hoping you were moving to the four corners area of NM but then I did a google search, and i was disappointed. Good luck with all your exciting life events! Small town Southwest has been great for us!

Anonymous said...


I stumbled across your blog from a dear friend of mine, and occasionally stop by when I am procrastinating on the internet. I was surprised to see Truth of Consequences, NM. I am married to a man who grew up there. I grew up in Alb. (we currently reside in PA) His family still lives there, and I'm sure you will rub shoulders with them. I'm so excited for your move and hope that will grow to love the place with all of its quirks. If you have any questions or need a help moving or a place to say my family would be more than willing to help. You are welcome to contact me for their information or any questions about the area you might have.


PS sorry if this came out creepy and stalkerish. I promise it wasn't meant to be anything but good wishes.