Thursday, May 19, 2011

Us at 60

This spring I joined a community orchestra, and I am loving it. I get to get out a night a week, play my violin again, and talk nerdy shop with people mostly of retirement age. I lucked out with a great stand partner, Nancy (for those not in the know, that means we share music and sit together--sounds obvious but Jon didn't know what I was talking about). The first night I showed her pictures of Theo, and she showed me pictures of her cat. I found out later she had a daughter. She is also a woman of many talents--she plays the dulcimer, and Native American flute. This week she was playing a gig and I googled it when I went home to see where it was, and I found her website! She and her husband hire themselves out to play anywhere. And they have an outfit for every occasion. Here are a few.

Ok, so I was going to give you a few but these are all of them. I couldn't help myself. So, if you need a dulcimer/bass music ensemble for your for your formal civil war party, I've got their contact info.


v a n e s s a said...

yesss, thank you for this. nancy is a mega babe, esp in the renaissance get up. definitely a worthwhile aspiration for you and jon.

jennifer hall said...

Wow! I need them to come down and play at some of my weddings and events--not sure which outfit would work but when our stake does the pioneer treck I know who I would get for the fireside. But what I fun contact and how cute they do it together--would Jonathan dress up with you?
Lov ya--and see you soon!

Tyler and Megan said...

Okay they are seriously adorable. Definitely a cool stand partner.