Monday, May 9, 2011


 Photo by  Lisa Warninger

 Top-me and Theo 6 weeks, Middle-My mom and Theo 5 months, Bottom-Jon's mom and Theo 8 weeks

Being a mother is difficult to comprehend until you actually are one. So this year Mother's Day really hit me, not only because I was looking forward to a holiday where selfishness is welcomed, but really because I realized even more this year just how much my mom has sacrificed, served, and loved me. Being a mom is letting go of your own desires and needs because something has suddenly become much more important than you. And you love this little person so much, even if you have days where you want to lay in bed and cry because you are so tired (not me of course...). But it's worth it. I love Theo so much that I don't care if he has six more months of double digit night waking. Of course I only say that because Jon is the best partner that I could ever ask for, and I really couldn't survive without him.

Jon and I have great examples of women who are amazing at all that they do. My mother in law is a giant of faith and I look up to how strong she has been through adversity. We may compete while running (sigh...I always lose) but I am so glad she has come into my life. I only can hope to become more like my mom. But I never can because she raised twins, something I realize now is like climbing Mount Everest backward without oxygen in a bathing suit. She is super mom to me.

Thanks to Jon for the best mother's day ever. He gave me gifts, made me multiple meals, and took me out for a movie date Saturday. I also have made him get up with Theo so much these past few nights. I think he's just trying to get extra points for Father's Day. Totally worked.


v a n e s s a said...

i was just about to ask you how jon did on the mother's day cooking, somehow i missed this post. i love that picture of you and theo.

Lorrie said...

love you, Mal!