Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High temps, and just lows

I spent too much time trying to photograph Theo's eyelashes. Aren't they pretty?

Saturday was the real first day of Spring, in other words, the one day where it is beautiful and 90% of Portland is outside, because they know it may not come again for two months. You know, when the temperature hits 70 and all the girls are sunbathing in bikinis in the park. I freaked out and thought we were all getting sunburned, but spending a day in the sun felt lovely.

Later that night we went to a food cart festival that we went to last year. I was all big and pregnant and loving it. And I quote, "Already looking forward to 2011 (without a heartburn causing, stomach-shrinking baby in my belly)". And yes, there was less heartburn involved, but that baby in my belly was now outside my belly. And the whole time he was fussy and squirmy and upset and I wished he was back in there for just two hours. And this year the festival's theme apparently was "more!" More people, more carts, more money, more long long long lines, more crazy meats. Less organization. I did have a couple high points--The fact that I tried a whole sardine and liked it. Italian ice at Oregon Ice Works. And for some weird reason, buffalo sloppy joe. Low points--the crazy, crazy long line to get in. When we started feeding Theo macaroni salad and vitamin water to stay happy. Trying to breastfeed next to a garbage can without a cover with a baby who wasn't having it, thereby exposing my nip to thousands.

I was so tired when we got home (we didn't make it to all the carts) that I went to bed at 9:15 and woke up at 12 with a crazy high fever, no doubt caused by all the rich and crazy meats. A meat fever.


v a n e s s a said...

haha, a meat fever.

i wish i had something clever to say but i feel like my head is underwater. this is a time i am definitely glad my baby is not outside my belly.

Tyler and Megan said...

Oh yuck. Meat fever. Sorry it was not all you had dreamed of. Maybe next year?

Lorrie said...

embrace the vitamin D! Gorgeous photos!

Broadbent Family said...

Welcome to life with kids. I love the picture of Theo in his brown hoodie.