Monday, January 3, 2011

sunny christmas

Christmas break went far too fast as usual. Jon is counting down the days of school he has left, but it will be sad when we have no more two week breaks. Here are some pictures--I'll try to tone down my rambling.

 We had a mini Christmas with our mini tree in Portland before we left. Theo loved eating the paper. We secretly love our Christmas-before-Christmas because we have little or no will power when it comes to opening presents.

Christmas day in Arizona, sunny and warm. Kenz made Theo this crazy awesome pom pom hat. Christmas in Arizona also means cinnamon rolls, which also means delicious.

 I got my 2-year old niece the world's first colored bubbles. (That's right--world's first!) I think I should have bought some for myself. The solution is dark (like permanent stain scary dark), but when you get some on your skin you simply rub it and the color disappears magically. So magically that I actually think it is magic. It reminded me of vaPOOrize. (Or am I the only one that watched this lame movie?)

 New matching church attire. Theo has developed a cute habit of sticking out his tongue.

 Climbed a portion of Camelback (mountain? hill? rock? I never am sure).

We went swimming for about 12 minutes. Theo was mostly indifferent and we like to avoid the sun at all costs to keep our vampire-like Oregon complexions. 
The lack of masculine cousin influence on this side of the family mostly gets Theo squeezed and held, which luckily he doesn't mind. (It makes me laugh how Paige is two yet looks the same size as a six month old. Is it me or does her head actually look smaller?) My nieces are so cute and they certainly love their little cousin.

We ended the break in Portland with our all time favorite pizza and a bit of reorganizing. We all got wonderful presents but my favorite thing was having our first Christmas as a new little family. This next year will have so many new experiences, and I am excited for whatever else it brings too. It may not bring me a pair of boots, as my quest seems destined never to end.


Tyler and Megan said...

Still no boots?? At least you have a really cute baby.

Danielle said...

Theo has the most perfect little boy face! I love your pictures, very artistic!

v a n e s s a said...

ha, i was about to say the same thing, still no boots? when's hair cutting day happen?

also i can't get over theo's church outfits. world's most dapper baby.

Malorie said...

Well, I found some boots I liked, but they were like a gillion dollars, and I will only pay a gillion dollars for boots I am in love with. So, I wait. So I decided to get a new pair of glasses instead. And I found a new hair auction website, so I want to list it as soon as I get tired of my hair. We'll see.

jennifer hall said...

Fun memories and the pictures tell so much. We miss your little family and Theo staring at every move we make--especially when he notices that his parents are not around! He is so fun and adorable. Thanks again for making our Christmas special and all your help with the roasted veggies for my events. You 2 are the best--so grateful to have a grand family. Love, mom & dad hall

kenzie said...

theo is a cutie always and forever. he looks more adorable in his hat than I even imagined, which pretty much blows my mind.