Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 day weekend plus

Our friends David and Vanessa came to stay this weekend. As per tradition when they come, it rained the whole time and we ate delicious chicken tacos they made for us.  I really have not known Vanessa long, but we bonded over the fact that we are neurotic worriers and our hip bones collide with our ribs when we stand. Actually when I first met her I judged that she would be as cool as her wedding dress, and my prediction has not been wrong. (It's on the front of their blog--amazing!)

We were watching Modern Family one night and she happened to spot this:

That is Vanessa looking over Mitchell's shoulder. She was there for the taping that day and happened to see herself and the .2 seconds she strolled through the shot. Extra ten points for the creepster vibes she's throwing.

We spent part of a rainy day at Cargo checking out the tiny hats, cats and all the other random stuff you find there. I highly recommend this place, especially if you have a need for wooden matching mannequin heads.

Of course right when they left we got a break from the rain, and Jon and I walked around the Pittock Mansion grounds and had some exceptional sandwiches at Bunk. All in all a great weekend.

One last note, Theo also cut himself a tooth last week! I am going to miss all his gums, especially when he bites my finger. And when I am breastfeeding?! How does that work? I'm a little worried.


Danielle said...

have i told you that i really like your photo editing?? what program do you use? looks like a fun weekend!

v a n e s s a said...

mal i knew we'd be good friends when you attended zombieland movie with a bunch of guys the night before our wedding, i loved YOUR dress you had on, also because i loved the bags you made us. i can't wait to be neighbors. but the rain better clear up when we come back or we know we're bad luck.

v a n e s s a said...

and also thanks for being such awesome hosts to us. it has totally saved us. not that i hope your apartment floods or anything but i'd love to return the favor sometime!

amanda jane said...

ah! I love theo's face in that second to last one. he must see something reeeeally awesome.

Tiffany said...

oh man, Mal that wetsuit comment on my blog killed me! thanks for the laughs!