Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boo finals

Jon's finals have left me bored, carless, and without cable. I've gotten a lot of hand quilting done, which is good, but I have to watch horrible things like Jay Leno (nevermind--hello Star Trek Next Generation!). Why does Kenz live three time zones away? But I do have a couple exciting things to announce. One, I bought 24 boxes of Chex last night and spent $36 and saved $60. Two, I bought our anniversary present today. We usually don't get presents because our anniversary is two days after Christmas, but this year we decided we wanted matching, supersoft bathrobes. Not monogrammed yet, but hopefully soon.

Photoboothing yourself in your new bathrobe is admittedly lame, but in the process I found out that Jon takes random pictures of himself when I am napping. Talk about an early Christmas present.

What do you think he was looking at?


Kenzie said...

that bathrobe looks cozy! The other day I was thinking, I am sad that my best friend live 3000 miles away. Imagine what we could be doing together! sigh. 4 days!

Danielle said...

great job on the chex buy! maybe jon was day-dreaming about eating chex cereal in that picture!

Tyler and Megan said...

Ha! 24 boxes!? That is pretty incredible. Now that my house has been cleaned and torn to pieces by the floor guys- I am happy to say I can hang out with you any time you are bored. :)

The Smiths said...

great post! That is exactly how I visualized your robes looking. Good pick. And thanks again for picking up some chex for me- spencer was so excited about all the boxes when i unloaded them into the house. You'd think he died and gone to cereal heaven.