Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, the dancing at the reception was as good as imagined.

Last week Jon and I took a long awaited trip to New York to see our friends Meredith and Eric get married. Their marriage was an illustration of an important lesson learned--If your friends want to create a cover band in college, do it. You may just meet your husband through the friends of those who admire your better looking bandmates, and that husband might have a friend who will be perfect for another former band member.

We had so much fun exploring the city, randomly seeing Cameron Diaz when we would have rather found a Pinkberry (I now understand Kenz's unabashed love--nothing is like Pinkberry on a humid New York day). Other highlights--Flea markets and horrible haggling skills (Jon: "That seller accepted my price way too fast."), large hard candy lumps shaped like drumsticks, anonymously gifting our camera to a stranger in Central Park (i.e. losing it), Harlem and the projects, having your picture taken like you were a tourist attraction, mexican style corn, Brooklyn, Amber, Darien, Nikki, and Tiffany. And of course the wedding, which was beautiful. Spending most of the trip with my friends was amazing, especially since we are scattered across the country. Jon was a dear to be the lone man, although I like to think he fit right in with us.

I miss these girls almost as much as I miss Amber's rat tail.


jes said...

awww! i wish i could have been there!! i'm so extremely jealous! you all look amazing!