Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I have 12 mini bowls, but no mini spoons

As I am constantly dreaming about miniature knifes that will put peanut butter on tiny pieces of bread that sit on tiny plates, or (even better!) eating tiny pancakes with a tiny knife and fork, it should come as no surprise that the World's Smallest Postal Service made my eyes widen when I found it this morning.

It immediately reminded me of these elaborate notes my friend and I would pass to each other in junior high. I would spend hours the night before making a tiny card out of wallpaper with an envelope made of a magazine page, and include random trinkets like dog erasers and other weird things I found in my room. The practice ended when she got caught with the package she made that included a few tic tacs and random vitamins, and the vice principal thought she was dealing drugs. I guess she thought it was ridiculous that 14 and 15-year-olds would still be childish enough to create origami boxes filled with magic tricks and last Halloween's Sweetarts.

Although the VP could have been right after all. I was a naive eighth grader, she was a "cool" ninth grader. And while I went over to her house sometimes after school and we would talk about how much we both loved Sublime, she favored chemical experimentation on the weekends while I did my pre-calc homework and practiced the violin.


The Broadbents said...

They are cute. I remember hiding notes in pens in sixth grade, but I never got as elaborate as you.