Monday, March 16, 2009

Here's a tip.

Start running when you think it's not really raining that much. When you start your journey, make sure it starts raining much, much more. Wear a jacket that you think is waterproof, but really isn't (Layered over a jacket with amazing sponge-like qualities). Run for 8 miles. Make sure the last two are in an out-and-out downpour. Make it home, and peel off every rain soaked layer.

Look at that pile and think about how much water weight you just lost, instantly, just by following my few simple steps.


Lorrie said...

Holy Cow, Mal! Good job! It's been snowing nonstop in McCall since Sunday, so I haven't even ventured out!

Tyler and Megan said...

hahaha yeah call me next time you plan on doing that. i will not join you. ha.

danika said...

confession: your blog is hilar and I read it even tho you don't know me!

Brett & Syd said...

That could make the decision easier...I hope you guys are having fun up there though. Portland is one of my fave places.