Thursday, January 8, 2009

don't fall for it.

I'm not trying to talk bad about the New Year. But don't you get sick of everyone talking about New Year's resolutions? As someone who has only 5 tv channels and a regular Today viewer, I have seen enough tips to eat healthy, save money, and save money while being healthy to last lifetimes. Don't even get me started on the catchy "New Year, New You" phrases. I still have things I'm trying to work on, however small and vague my goals are.

My main goal was to run outside even if it's raining, because I live in Portland--If I wait for the sun I may be inside until June. So yesterday it was a squelchy, rainy day, but I suited up and started running. One mile in, I was running in a slight drizzle and my headphones made a jarring, brain cracking sound and my music died. I guess you aren't supposed to clip your shuffle to the outside of your jacket in the rain?! I mean, the thing looks like it is made of stainless steel...shouldn't a rainy mist be safe? I'm letting it dry out for a few days to see what happens, (one major tip on the internet--do not turn it on! Wish I would have known that before I tried to turn it back on 10 times.) but it looks like shuffle #2 has eaten it, effectly spitting into the face of my resolution.

New resolution: Get Kenz to visit!

Eight days in, and I'm pretty much done. So here is my New Year tip--Make really small, achievable goals, preferably relying on the actions and choices of someone else. If you don't, mother nature do all in her power to destroy your will.


Tyler and Megan said...

I hate resolutions. Thats why I am making fun ones that I would do anyway. That way when I succeed I will feel doubly awesome.

Lorrie said...

I've resolved to keep running, 3 days a week, no matter what the weather. So far, I've run in frosty 22 degree air, snow, slush, ice, and today, thanks to you, Mal, I ran 3.29 miles in 40 minutes, no walking, in 30 degree, sunny weather!

I've also resolved to ski 10 times. Come to Boise, and you can help me--I have two free passes! I'm not sure my regular skiing partner is so willing these days.

Enough resolving for one day.

Ana Lee said...

That will be so fun to have Kenz and Tyler visit. You've inspired me, I need to run more...