Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I can read your thoughts.

Jon and I in Arizona bound winter wear, waiting for the train, for the bus, for the cab, that would take us back home after a failed attempt to escape this "artic blast" that is frankly, getting a little old.

After you read this post the first thing you think will be: "I'm glad that's not me. I'm glad I was able to fly home to meet my family for Christmas, and not have my flight canceled and likely spend Christmas Eve in an airport. I'm glad I was not stuck in a snow storm trying to get to the airport and have to turn around half way after the second cancellation of the day. I'm glad I needlessly did not open my Christmas presents early. I'm glad my department of transportation has a way to deal with record breaking snow (or any snow)."

After having hopes dashed and moments when I feel like the universe has turned its back, I have to look at the positives. We have a flight scheduled for early Christmas morning that for now is not canceled. We have newly purchased tire tubes for sledding our neighborhood's snowy hills. We have great friends with a fireplace, generosity, and a newly purchased Christmas tree (stranded vacationers band together!) We have saved tons of money in gas while our car sits under a pile of snow.

Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes you actually live out a piece of a horrible 80's Christmas movie plot, but we still have each other and Jon is going to have angel food cake tomorrow. And I have 5 new mini bowls. Everything is going to be ok.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your bad luck this holiday season. Sometimes it seems like life gets harder every year. At least it does for me. I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope you make it to... Boise? or whatever your destination is. Merry Christmas! P.S.- I'm looking for a brown or black cardigan, would maam have anything like that? :)

Megan said...

I am trying to do as you taught me and tell the universe to stop snowing and to let my plane take off on time and as scheduled. I will let you know how it works.

Leslie said...

It's been snowing a ton in SLC- but you have even more! I can't believe it. I hope you get to AZ for Christmas! Clay and I still need to get down to Provo to our storage unit, because all our snow gear is in there, but it keeps snowing and I want to go sledding. We fly to AZ on Saturday after Christmas. Maybe we can rendezvous.