Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Whew for me, arg for you?

I wasn't going to go political, but how could I let such a historical night go by without comment? I live for election night. It's a night I forget my jaded feelings about politics and am amazed at the democratic system in our country. I love the fact that people can have such different political ideas. I love that my dad has not disowned me.

And I'm kinda relieved it's finally over. If only to stop the Smith/Merkley ads.


Jake said...

More like "hmmmmmmm" for me. I wasn't really drawn to either of the candidates (I thought McCain was too "mavericky" and entitled and I never got on the Train of Hope and Change), but I'm cynical enough to realize that Presidents with or without divided government can't do all they want.

I was impressed with Obama and how he really got people back into politics, I just want less government instead of more. Which means that I really have no party at this time.

Megan said...

I can give an AMEN to getting rid of the Merkely/Smith adds!

Kirt said...

I didn't know I had a reason to disown you, but perhaps I do. Did you vote for that mangly sheriff candidate with facial hair? You know how I feel about facial hair! I just had hoped someone would keep the "tax everyone who earns more than a poor college student" people in check. Maybe, the economy realities will do that. You may have heard about the Idahoan who legally changed his name to "Pro Life" and ran for office. I'm thinking of legally changing my name to "Throw All the Politicians Out" and running for the Senate.