Saturday, May 24, 2008

Keeping Up With the Naylors, or And Baby Makes Nine

Dear Dad: I never thought your mid-nineties Ray Bans would become trendy. Now they are a treasured hand me down like your muskrat hat. Here's hoping fur flap hats become an indie hit!

This week I read an article about how Mormons do exceptionally well in reality shows. They deal well with new situations, are slightly weird and extremely competitive, and can create soulful pop ballads out of any historical rock song. It made me think about how my family would fare as a reality show (preferably on E!). During our family vacation to San Diego this past week, there was no shortage of witty and sarcastic comments, and when placed in close vicinity, tension can build. Highlights would include:

  • A montage of my dad using a concierge service for every task imaginable, like getting a sharpie pen to write names on cups, or getting directions even when there was a Garmin in the rental car.
  • My mom trying to save every bit of food in the condo from wasting, leading to the question, "If we pack sugar in plastic bags, will airport security think this is cocaine?"
  • Leaving 4 month old Reese with four immature, incapable aunts and uncles. Let's throw a poopy diaper in the mix for fun.
  • Going out to the end of the famed jetty on seal beach and expecting not to get wet. Later we emerge, one monster wave later, miserable with soaked skinny jeans.
  • Nighttime antics: Kenzie throwing fits ala Kim Kardashian because the sofa bed was unsleepable, and snored at the beginning of every night.
  • Lorrie leading morning yoga sessions and "active dynamics," including uncomfortable looking bear crawls and extremely sore muscles. And Kenz damning said bear crawls.
  • Purchasing our first mini accordion at a farmer's market--a Mexican themed instrument made possible by Chinese manufacturing. And how this accordion was genius in keeping Reese from screaming.
  • And for a dramatic episode, exploring the discrimination experienced towards Mormon middle aged couples who go to a coffee house for the first time and order hot chocolate. Service really shuts down when hipster baristas smell a whiff of a conservative Republican on crutches who doesn't know the difference between mountain blend and chai tea. My mom should have ordered. They would have sensed that she drives a Subaru Outback and practices yoga and left her alone. The hot chocolate was good though.
Of course, there would be some less exciting moments that would need to be edited out. Like watching Top Chef and Deadliest Catch for hours at a time, or eating string cheese while watching Ironman at 10:45 in the morning.

As long as it's edited correctly (e.g. I'm the good twin), I think we have a hit on our hands.

For more pictures of our trip, there are some here.


Kenzie said...

never fails to make me giggle and my abs still hurt from the 8-point killer push ups. And by the by, we still don't have proof that I was snoring, it could have been tyler. good-night!

Kirt said...

You know, the things we say and do really are so common, we miss their humor until we reflect on them. The Cocaine comment still makes me laugh. And, how many times were we chastized to "Eat those Snickers Ice Cream Bars" so they wouldn't go to waste? What are vacations for?

We truly enjoyed our time, and what an appropriate finish for you all to fly First Class home!!

Natalie and Robby said...

I love the picture! Those sunglasses couldn't be more classic! Hope to see and catch up with you this weekend.

April said...

Nice to see you guys!

Funny funny blog.

April (Prior) Durham