Saturday, May 3, 2008

I've had so many great moments lately that my mind o'er floweth.

1. One of the greatest meals at One World I have ever had. Chilean tofu, jicama salad, extra dark chocolate in my everything cookie with soy milk. No food was wasted. None.
2. Going to the airport=buy new issue of Dwell!
3. Jon teaching me to dive in a pool in the hot Mesa sun. I mean, kneeling on the edge with my arms above my head saying, "you mean I don't have to plug my nose? Really?"
4. Going thrifting and finding two great dresses.
5. Running 11 miles (PR!) with my mother in law.
6. Enjoying peeling 36 boiled eggs.
7. Talking with Sister Ricks for an hour, loving every second and giggling like old roomies.
8. Having Jon(!) suggest that we order fries and onion rings from Pete's fish and chips because he says it's worth it. He was right.


lorrie said...

Talking to Sister Ricks? You mean Susanne? Hooray for all the rest!

Malorie said...

Nope, Sister as in missionary, so Nikki.