Sunday, April 20, 2008

monster birthday post

I know little words are required after this picture--it's obvious that I had a great birthday. We started off the morning with a 6 mile run--that didn't go too well but this beauty was waiting for me afterwards. Jon bought it used and apparently the seller threw in this hand made bow as a bonus. I figured I was getting a musical saw for my birthday cause I had been dropping hints for months, but when I saw the "bow" I thought Jon wanted me to go to the parking lot and create a fire from scratch. It's one of the greatest birthday gifts I've received. My mom knows this, but I have wanted to play the saw since high school, and now my dreams are finally realized.
Linda from my ward gave me some candy cigs, and I was extremely flattered. The sunglasses are shamefully trendy, but I don't care. I also got a great sewing book from Kenz, some other books and a shuffle from Jon, and the company of great friends. Me and Kenz wore completely matching outfits all day to honor our twin-ness as well. A successful day--except that I will never try to make my own dessert, especially if I have never made it before. "Raspberry Delight" is famous at my house and my mom always made it for my birthday. It's a layered chilled thing, but I only gave it about 2 hours to chill and it was all liquidy. Today it is glorious and firm--last night I offered my friends raspberry glop. I've learned my lesson, but Jon will probably have to remind me next year. Good thing we had Tyler's cupcakes as backup, when in fact my dessert was supposed to be a backup to Tyler's. Sometimes he struggles when he bakes.

For dinner we went to Pizzeria 712, which was so so! good. We had a 20 minute wait with nowhere to stand, so we walked over to "Gunnie's Hunter Warehouse." Amazing. So many Wranglers, guns, cowboy boots and beef. A world I know little about.

Last but not least... Jon had his last Declaration show. Totally trying to steal my birthday thunder. Strings were broken, feet were stomped, Half-Inch Man was sung. Jon's old roomies came and made the night truly magical, along with Meredith, Eric, Amber, and a couple of really enthusiastic young girls.

It was a long day, but a glorious day! Thanks to Jon for postponing your final, giving me a box full of organic treats, eating a J-dawg because I adore hot dogs, and being the best husband ever.


Tiffany said...

wish i could have been there! i sent you a book i like and i think youll like. i hope you don't already have it. so im telling you because its coming from amazon which means no card or anything. ps you look so hard core in that pic!!

Leslie said...

That photo of you is incredible. I don't think anyone can look that cool ever again. Happy Michael Jordan birthday. You adore hot dogs?

M said...

Malorie - that's an awsome bow.
Now you can go to the NYC Musical Saw Festival! If you don't know what I'm talking about: (check out the video at the bottom of the page: 19 sawists playing together).