Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just a typical saturday

Lately a few things have become real to me. a) we're moving to Portland b) we are going to have a dog when we move there. Well, I guess that's not a for sure but almost. Yesterday, we went to a dog shelter just to shop around. I had never been there to look for dogs before, and I was ill-prepared for what I was about to find:

As soon as we walked in every dog in the place started barking like crazy, trying to get our attention. I knew all of them were begging us to play with them, to love them. Except for one lab that was trying to attack us hard core. And I didn't look the pit bulls in the eyes so I can't vouch for them. Imagine being at an orphanage where all of the kids are locked in cribs saying, "Please take me home. Please take me home." Part of me wants a boston terrier puppy or some other small dog Paris Hilton has made popular but the recycling-walk, don't drive-non-hormone milk drinking-3/4-vegetarian part of me knows I should save one some day.

After that depressed our spirits a bit we went to an "antiques mall" off of I-15 which consisted of two small plane hanger type buildings crammed with things like antiquated bed pans and year books from 1928. Word to the wise Mom, don't get rid of that old pyrex you have (gold!). We looked plenty, were tempted sometimes (Kenz was fascinated by some Saddam Iraq money), but ended up leaving with a handful of the "smallest jawbreakers in the world."

The truth of this claim I highly doubt. If I was sucking on a jawbreaker, wouldn't it's decreasing size make that jawbreaker in my mouth the smallest jawbreaker in the world?

We spent the rest of the afternoon in our apartment, until we saw the mouse again, and then we went on a bike ride through the industrial part of Provo where we planned our next trip to San Francisco via 20 hour Amtrak ride. After some great Indian food and the second disc of Flight of the Concords, this Saturday was deemed first rate.


Kenzie said...

that beagle was a cutie. those jaw breakers? awesome. we'll have to go back and get those muppet glasses for old times' sake!