Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monkey Marg

Yesterday, Margot and Theo were playing around on the computer desk while I was cleaning up the kitchen, and I heard a loud fall followed by The Cry. You know, the one that instantly makes you drop everything and run? Margot was on the ground and as I picked her up I saw drops of blood on the back of her hair, getting on my hands, drops on the floor. It's hard to describe the panic I felt but I'm sure you could imagine. I ran for a compress, asking Theo what had happened. My entire body started sweating all at once. Jon got a phone call that he dreads, which is me freaking out in a warbling voice and repeating myself. Luckily, this story sounds a lot worse than it was--Margot hit her head on the bottom of a chair when she slipped off of it, causing a cut on her scalp that was not too large or serious but bleeds just enough to scare. Theo found my sucker stash in my purse, turned on a TV show for her and was extremely calm the whole time. Margot, pacified, soon stopped crying and the bleeding stopped too. She had ice cream after dinner as well as a bowl of tortilla chips. She had a marshmallow this morning before breakfast. My poor little darling, I'll do anything to make her feel better after something so scary!

In other less traumatic news, Margot is a constant thing of cuteness. She seems to say everything. She puts new words with familiar objects constantly. She rote counts to six, then sticks and eight in there--it's her favorite number. She always asks me to draw an "A." Tonight I randomly asked her, "Margot, what's your favorite color?" And she replied, "Yellow." It might represent all colors to her right now, but the way she says it is adorable. She loves doing whatever Theo does. We went to an open gym day at his gymnastics place and she loved jumping on the trampoline and in the bounce house. Margot calls me "Mom Mom" right now. She says " eYo!" for Theo. She says "Uh huh!" affirmatively to all questions in the most dramatic, valley-girl-esque way. She loves to scream really loud if she thinks Theo is in danger of taking whatever she is playing with. She is obsessed with babies and points them out everywhere we go. She loves chocolate, cheese, not milk, chips, cheerios, and cucumbers. She has backed off of a lot of vegetables as finger foods, but does a good job with soups I make. Today when I picked her up from childcare at the gym she ran up and said "I play!" She asks for Daddy most mornings, he usually leaves before she wakes up but she is so excited to see him when he gets home. Margot still is a wonderful snuggler. She loves to sing songs. She loves my phone (of course) and goes from app to app, playing the games. But her favorite is the PBS kids app where she can watch clips of shows. The intro songs are her favorite part. I can't believe that she is so close to being two! She still seems like my little baby, my baby that now can rock a single ponytail. We all love her so much, even and especially Theo, who of course she fights with at times but play together more and more every day. I'll let them tear up the house if they are playing happily together. It's worth it.


naomi said...

"which is me freaking out in a warbling voice and repeating myself": I relate to this. So glad it wasn't worse.