Monday, October 21, 2013

"Don't touch spiders. They sting you."

Theo and I were sitting in his wagon on the patio today, just talking. He wanted me to play with cars but we ended up talking about everything we were seeing around us. I was pointing out a large spiderweb a foot away and the pattern it made.

Theo said, "It spins round and round and round. Like...the planets around the sun. In space."

He's constantly saying things lately I don't realize he knows, so I asked him, "do you know any names of planets?"

"Jukiter. And Neptcan. And we live on Earth."

I'm amazed at everything he remembers. And this week at the park he was playing with his ride on Thomas train with some other kids and told me afterwords how they had, "Persevered around the sidewalk. It was long but we persevered with Tommy!"

I've always talked to him after preschool, trying to glean any information about anything he does or learns. He usually says a few things but holds back a lot. When there are moments when I sit and listen to him talk and talk (which don't happen often enough, I realize), I hear the greatest things.


naomi said...

I wish Theo and Julian could be friends. Julian's similar about new things he's learning. Theo is a cool dude.