Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missy Marg.

October 17, four months
November 15, five months (hasn't changed too much. Still got those pointy ears, wide eyes, with a little added chub.)

Margot Geraldine! Can't believe she is almost six months old. She has really become active in the past month or so, loving toys and the package of wipes and trying to eat everything in her path. She starting rolling around at five months, and now that she's better at it we are weaning her from swaddling. (Boo! She loves her swaddle. I'm sad to give it up.)

She loves to smile and stick out her tongue--she is constantly happy. Goes to bed early, between 6:00-7:00 (if you were to check on Theo at this age, it was more like 11:00--not his fault. I've learned a lot between kids.). She is starting to sit independently, and if I leave her on the rug in one spot she will be a few feet away and turned over when I get back. She is a master at putting up with Theo. He loves to throw clothes over her face, walk over her like Ellen dancing over a coffee table, and give her no personal space whatsoever.

I'm not very good at putting headbands, bows or what have you on her head. This is mainly due to laziness and lack of supply (I mean, have you seen me? Accessories are not my strong suit.) and the fact that I personally get anxious when headbands are squeezing a rapidly developing baby skull. So we generally reserve them for Sundays. When she gets enough hair, we'll do some clips, but until then most people will likely assume I have two sons. But I'm not going to suppress my love of blue stripes. They look good on her. 

Margot is my little gem. When Theo is climbing up the pantry and smashing play dough in his hair, saying "MAMA! I NEED PHONE!!! I NEED IPAD!!!", I can just look at her and her calm eyes say, "It's alright mama, be cool." Maybe that's a lot to insinuate for a baby, but she's just what I need right now. For all of my own crazy genes in Theo, Margot seems to have a lot of zen Jon genes. I probably thought this when Theo was six months, so don't hold me to it when she's two and a little diva.


naomi said...

I'm with you on the headband stuff. There's a baby I know who does seem to have a ridge on her head. it's weird. We have the opposite problem - everyone things Robin is a girl.

Lorrie said...

she is so beautiful!

Wynn said...

Ah. So much of that last paragraph is so familiar.. I love reading ur updates, that margo is a cutIE.