Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dr. Hall

 Us four years ago. We looked like kids. Now we have kids.

 After sitting still for two hours, Theo got Jon's cap, never let it go, and refused any command an adult gave him thereafter.

 The closest we got to a family picture.

Friends! And if Jon looks short, it's because Theo still has his cap (mostly). And if I look tired, it's because I am so, so tired.

I almost can't believe it, but after four long years Jon is finally done with school! On June 15th he became an official doctor (cause dentists are doctors too! I make too many of those jokes). I have to admit that I was more emotional for this event than for the birth of my most recent child. (But I could also blame the emotion on being one week postpartum.) I am so proud of every thing that Jon has accomplished--all the long hours and stress and hard work and dirty teeth scraped. It has been an epic journey, and even though he feels that he somehow luckily finished, I know he deserves every strand on that tassel that we paid six figures for. We have met some great people and have gotten to know this city very well over four years--maybe we will be back, but if not we will be frequent visitors. I have really loved this part of our lives and will never forget it!


Heather K said...

Congrats big time! I totally feel you on being SO proud of a husband finishing school b/c it feels like FOREVER and is so hard---but worth it in the end :)

Joe and Katie said...

I have totally been meaning to send you a message since I heard you are going to be in T or C! Congrats on everything. If you ever need to come up to Albuquerque, I would love to see you guys and take you to dinner. Even if you get a little stir crazy and want to come to the city.... I will be be there with open arms.