Monday, September 20, 2010

Boise is Portlandizing

Last week we went to Boise Fry Company, a new restaurant being all hip and green and with it. Four different types of fries, tons of sauces. The yams with vanilla salt were the best. But even better was the fact that my dad applied the vanilla salt to the fries and liked it! The Naylor boys are broadening their horizons. We also got the story about the place from the owner, and given that my dad introduced himself he might just become a regular. My dad loves being able to walk into a place and order "the usual." Which is one of my goals in life. Jon and I tried that at a place in Provo, but the guy who consistently took our order once a week (who may or may not have had an English accent, never could tell) refused to recognize us as regulars. He would avoid eye contact while giving the cool kids free meals.

Also, Theo met his cousin Noah! Don't think they realize each other exist though. Theo is seven weeks older but I already know he is going to be smaller than Noah who has the biggest hands I have ever seen on a baby. My brother breeds his kids to be tall giants--I am assuming mine will be the opposite.


linds said...

Oh Theo! We miss you guys already! You're right those yams were the most delicious! Can't wait to see you guys again!

Lorrie said...

I'm just glad you FINALLY got to go to Hugo's Deli! It was great to have you here for a few days!

Sijbrich said...

I love Boise Fry Company. I love that your dad wants to be recognized and be able to order, "The Usual." Have you ever been to Donnie Mac's Trailer Park? Such a fun (and tasty) place. I bet Theo would love it.:-)