Sunday, July 11, 2010


Theo spent a lot of time with Grandma Naylor, especially in the middle of the night!

Grandpa Naylor and Theo are both very happy like this. You can see where the pointed ear comes from.

Bought a tart pan and made a strawberry tart with mom (I was shocked I didn't ruin the pastry cream)

Theo Meeting Grandpa and Grandma Hall

Amateurish photo shoots (isn't that onesie the best? Thanks Kenz)

Any time leftover is usually spent like this.

Also, this week Kenz had a few lovely posts about our Grandpa... on her blog here (with a picture that shows I haven't changed a bit... long hair and salt water sandals) and as a guest blogger here.


kenzie said...

love the photos! so amazing. he is such a cutie, I can't wait to meet him!

Sijbrich said...

Hmm. Now it's gonna be hard not to stare at your dad's ears every time I see him.

That tart looks delish.

One of the many joys of having a baby is always having a subject to practice your photography skills.

Theo's very cute.

yousaidifferent said...

i want to hold.

Tara said...

I love that sleeveless onsie! Sooo cute! Theo's a cutie too!

The Broadbents said...

My parents couldn't stop talkig about how cute Theo is and what a good baby he is. He really is adorable, and I love the duck tale. Can't wait to meet him in about a month.

Cool Waters said...

Hey! Congrats! He's really cute and you're looking good too! I'm going to have to follow your blog now - mine and Sam's is :)

Terri Anne