Friday, June 11, 2010

What I'm up to lately

*making boyish shorties/bloomers to be paired with the sleeveless onesies I'm dying today. Just try to tell me those things are not adorable.

*listening to Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside (while making above)

*eating lunch with Jon here, where I promptly canceled out the past two dinners of raw veggie sandwiches in one fatal, home fry filled, bechamel sauced swoop (the name of the cart is more than self explanatory). My tummy feels more bowling ball than basketball.

*fielding kicks, shoves, and aggressive dance moves from my belly (I think he's confused as to the correct way to get out of there)

*watching videos and in general geeking out over Apple's newest product. Theo, I don't care when you come, but I already have plans June 15th, 12 am.


david said...


(This is me at work - for your S.C.)

Malorie said...

Yep, I'm named after this girl so we thought it only fitting. Except obviously, we wanted someone who would look most like our offspring.

david + vanessa said...

i love the name, the bill cosby character and all things family ties.

Molly M said...

Hey Mal- those shorties are freaking adorable! I cant to see the little man in HOPEFULLY a few days! Hope you are well!