Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gift giving report card

Christmas for the Naylor family is a time to do two things. Make my dad laugh and my mom cry (happy tears, hopefully). Both things are pretty easy to do (dad crying is already a given) so we try to out do each other. I have to say I did a pretty poor job this year, as my other two siblings out gave me and really pulled out the big guns (my gift of a book was a long shot in the first place). Kenz really knocked it out with a beautiful homemade, home-dyed quilt especially for the giver of all quilts who rarely receives one. But really Kenz, the woman has enough quilts. I was left holding my book saying, "remember you watched this mini-series on PBS? And I thought to write in it but Dad told me not to give it to you but I did anyway so I half expected a return?" (And to respond to the forthcoming comment from my mother--she did like the book and appreciated the fabric bound Penguin classic, which is quite cool looking.)

I did get a (small) laugh from my dad. I got him a heart in Oregon shirt and as he opened it I said, "and the middle heart is green, just how you love being green!" (he recycles, he just doesn't admit it). The shirt was a mark of victory that the conservative guy has grown fond of our more liberal state. However, Jon, Tyler and Jake did the best by finding this gem for free in a thrift store--

Dad, Leftse. Leftse, Dad. This hand made Norwegian elf figure has a label on the stand that tells its history, which I don't remember but I'm sure includes scaring children to death on Christmas morning, knife held at the ready in the pouch at his waist. My Dad lived in Norway for two years serving a mission for our church and loves to speak the rarely useful language whenever he can. I repeat the words I know to Jon whenever I want a laugh. We all look forward to future Christmases where he will lay in hiding with his beady eyes and stuffed pantyhose face, scaring the Christmas spirit into all who find him.


Kenzie said...

sorry if it seemed like I out-gifted you, we all know who really won. We all know mom is the greatest receiver of gifts.

Tiffany said...

wow what a find!!

Lorrie said...

I love all my gifts--and treasure the thoughts behind each one. The most amazing thing is that you didn't even know that Elizabeth Gaskill is one of my new favorite authors! And that green fabric is the best! By the way, did you catch "Return to Cranford" on PBS last Sunday?!!! If you missed it, go to PBS, and you can watch the first episode online, then watch the 2nd part this coming Sunday! (Elizabeth didn't write this second one, but it's still good.) And you'll all be happy to know that Leftse will be back again next Christmas--I looked long and hard at him, then decided to put him in the box, rather than the trash!

Kirt said...

Yes, you're luck Mom did not make Leftse "gikk i stykker." He is scary looking.