Wednesday, September 23, 2009

go see

Each night in September, birds called Vaux's Swifts migrate south and roost in a chimney of an old elementary school in downtown Portland (largest known roosting site in the world, ps). They are tiny, black, bat-like birds that gather at sunset, and suddenly enter the chimney, creating swirling formations and attracting predator hawks. If you are in Portland, I highly recommend taking a blanket, snacks, and join the hundreds of people that watch the show each night. It was amazing. We went again last night, and Jon and I were the only ones of the group that had the honor of being pooped on.

Don't forget your swift costume.

And as I mentioned above, sitting close is exciting, but in the poop splash zone, so weigh the risks.


The Broadbents said...

What a crazy tradition. I love it! The poop zone was totally worth it. The camping trip looked like fun. Oregon is beautiful. Thanks again for the best birthday present ever. I love it!