Sunday, August 23, 2009

Niecie Reesie!

Jake, Lindsay, and Reese came to visit this week and it was so good to have them here! Reese walked on sand for the first time and was slightly weirded out at first. Jon and I also had some time to take carefully composed, expertly lighted shots with our new camera. Which really means we hit the shutter button and hoped for the best.

I call this one, "Things Sure Were Great Before We Had Kids." or "Wait...for me...please?"

"Unfortunately, Jon Hates to Be Excluded"

Reese is so cute, smart, and best of all, impressionable. We thought it was important to leave Jake and Lindsay with a way to remember us, so we taught her how to unlock his iTouch. (Sorry Gramps and Grams, your phones are no longer kid proof.) I hope Jake isn't too annoyed with us, but he is generally the best behaved Naylor so I'm not worried. Next up, inappropriate words...


Jake said...

I'm not annoyed at all. Just don't be surprised when your first kid miraculously knows only how to play Hootie and the Blowfish songs on the recorder.