Thursday, May 7, 2009


That has been this week. I spent some time in Idaho with my family this past week, which was really great but I did not take pictures. So I'll have to rely on Kenz's blog to post pictures of Reese's barftastic ride from McCall to Boise (I was practically clinging to the ceiling to avoid the projectile--only gagged like 4 times) and the results of spending an hour and $12 on photobooth pictures with Lindsay, Kenz, and Tyler. The only picture I experienced was getting my replacement license in McCall, which meant no lines but I got this--

One of my eyes is open (although hit with a flash), and the other is half closed. Awesome. Sorry about the gross nailpolish, and believe me, I cropped so much manhands out of the picture. I'm just super paranoid about identity theft now. Funny how I did everything I could to block my birthdate when you just need to look down a few posts. What's even more amusing is that I am now probably getting into so many bars with my old ID. I am probably living la vida loca and I don't even know it.

I'm also using a tiny manilla envelope for a wallet right now. It's kind of cute, but I keep thinking my wisdom teeth are going to be in the bottom or something. I got it with my replacement food stamp card (now known as SNAP, yo) and they handed it to me like I needed a special sleeve for discretion. I have no pride reserved for keeping this fact to myself--actually, I view this small amount of money as a loan that we will surely repay through taxes when Jon actually gets a paying job (which I guess will happen in the future, but I can't imagine it yet). I also don't feel guilty about donating to NPR for the same reason. Soon enough, I will be a paying member receiving my eco friendly tote and water bottle, entering to win a Galapagos Islands adventure with Terry Gross. Although if it's Michael Feldman, forget it.

I'm getting mentally prepared for running 18 miles tomorrow, which means I'm trying not to think about it. But I'm excited, and the Gu's are ready! Now if only a huge margherita pizza from Apizza Scholls was waiting at the end for me.


Tyler and Megan said...

Mmmm Apizza do that very very soon. I am glad you posted a picture of yourself because it has been so long since I have seen you that I think I was forgetting what you look like. Hmmm. Oh and good luck on your run. You guys are amazing. I was feeling really proud of my 5 1/2 miles the other day. ha.